Plus size girl’s guide to wearing prints


The time has come to stop the obsession with dressing to look thinner, ladies. Even the thought of it feels so limiting. I know that women of all sizes feel the pressure to dress and look smaller than we actually are. Some of us even deliberately purchase clothes that are smaller, hoping to one day fit into them. Instead of dressing to look thinner, how about dress to look like the most stylish and confident version of you. To say the least, style and fashion is supposed to be fun and and for too long, plus-size women haven’t been allowed to feel excited about it. Instead, we have been told time and again to wear black and stay away from colourful prints…which brings me to the topic of the day – wearing prints!

I’ve compiled 4 ways to take your plus size outfit up a notch by wearing prints. I hope you will find this blog post insightful and maybe help you change the way you look at prints. Let’s go!

#1: Choose a print you love

If you’re a plus-size woman, you’ve probably been told to shy away from prints at some point in your life. Or, you may have been “instructed” to only limit yourself to wearing large prints or small prints. Now, I’m all about setting my own styling rules so I’m here to tell you that you can wear whatever print you like, big or small, flowers or animal print or whatever it is that tickles your fancy, missy! As long as you like the print on a particular clothing, you’re more likely to love wearing it, which will probably result in you feeling good about yourself already! For example, I don’t see myself ever pulling off animal print so I’d probably avoid wearing them, instead I love Paisley and I know that I like how the design looks on me, and that’s already one step closer to feeling confident wearing print!

#2 Wear what makes you comfortable: 

If you’re the type who’s always in black and never worn prints before, start small. Choose pieces that use print fabric as an accent or choose small accessories with the pattern until you feel comfortable enough. From there, you can incorporate the pattern in with more prominent pieces like dresses and jumpsuits.

I also stress a lot about comfort. Choosing comfortable fabrics make a whole lot of difference in how we feel about the outfit. I love wearing fabrics that have a slight stretch because they’re comfortable and fit better on my body. This way, I look and feel great in whatever I’m wearing. So, the next time you’re shopping for prints, check out the material as well and make sure you feel comfortable wearing that piece of clothing, ok?

#3 Pair a solid with print

It’s easier said than done, I get it. Not everyone can wake up one day and pull off a full-on print outfit. If you’re just trying to gain some styling confidence, chances are you want to take a step at a time. One way you can start is by creating a sense of balance by adding a solid-coloured piece to your outfit. The print should draw attention to the part of your body you most want to flaunt; the solid piece should anchor the one you’re not so keen on showing off. Say, if you’re heavy at the bottom, choose a patterned top with a solid-coloured skirt or pants. Also, you can take your curvy style up a notch by adding a bold or contrasting colour to your print to create sort of a colour block outfit. This way, you get to wear a little print and make it fun too!

#4 Balance the pattern

Use solid and neutral colours in the rest of your outfit to let the print stand out and capture attention. In the outfit above, I went with an overall white outfit, with a flower print at the bottom. This creates a classy yet beautiful look that can be worn for as a work outfit and for after-work dinner and drinks. Alternatively, you can add layering pieces by pairing a pair of tights and a jacket/cardigan, to keep the print from taking over if you don’t want to highlight it.

Above all, i’ve said it a million times and i’ll keep saying it: confidence is your best accessory. Be confident in yourself and what you’re wearing and it’ll shine through, I promise you! You deserve to feel like you’re your most beautiful self whether you’re out on a date, attending meetings, or at an event.

Take care of yourself, hold your head high and own those curves, lovelies!

Rating: 1 out of 5.


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